The premier mobile device management solution from the creators of ChargeItSpot®

About ARC

ARC™, Asset Recharge Center, is a solution from the creators of ChargeItSpot, the global leader in secure mobile device charging stations in retail stores and other public venues. ARC was born out of our clients’ need for a self-service solution to secure, charge and manage all of their mobile handheld devices that employees use. These include mobile devices, RF scanners, mobile PoS devices, mobile printers, and a myriad of other devices.

  • Minimize loss and theft. Reduce human error and boost accountability with badge scan, photo security technology, and a one-device-to-one-locker design. Automated reporting flags past-due devices linked to individual employees.

  • Save valuable time. Don’t lose a single moment overseeing device check-in and out. ARC’s self-service, automated approach has got you covered.

  • Optimize productivity. The system only releases charged, well-functioning devices. Remove faulty devices from circulation so your team has the working tools they need to do their jobs.

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Features of ARC


ARC is made by the creators of ChargeItSpot – the industry leader in secure phone charging stations, which are deployed in 42 states and four countries, serving some of the largest companies in the world. ChargeItSpot has a decade of expertise in secure device storage and charging — and has addressed all of the corner cases that inevitably arise in the field. Robust steel housing keeps your devices secure.


ARC’s self-service, fully-automated interface tracks device check-out via badgescan or employee ID. ARC has an effortless, responsive, and beautifully-designed user interface. Minimal management involvement saves you time and payroll dollars.


ARC flags devices that are damaged or non-functioning and prevents them from being checked out. ARC’s technicians can remove and ship devices in need of repair or RMA, eliminating the frustration of faulty devices piling up at a facility.


Say goodbye to dead and dying devices. The ARC system automatically releases the asset with the most charge so that your teams can maximize productivity during their shifts.


ARC’s automated reporting provides visibility into the status of company devices. ARC can automatically feed data on missing or faulty devices directly into your ticketing systems so you have visibility and can take action.


Support any device with three configurable locker sizes and a modular approach to increase storage capacity. ARC is customizable to fit your unique needs.

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